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    Crane Audition Request - Video

    Friday, February 25, 2022Eastern Standard Time


    Video auditions are generally reserved for students who are outside of the Northeast region of the U.S. who are unable to attend auditions at one of our audition sites due to the distance that would need to be traveled. Video auditions must be approved by the Crane Admissions Office; email confirmation will be sent to you within two weeks of your completion of this audition registration form.

    We accept video auditions by YouTube links (preferred) or DVD only. If you are unable to use YouTube due to international access issues, you may use another online video medium, but please include that information; use the comments box near the end of this registration form to inform us what service you are using. You can include a link to your video in the comments box as well.

    Your video must arrive at The Crane School of Music by November 28, 2021 for spring 2022 admission, or by February 24, 2022 for fall 2022 admission. We are not able to review videos which arrive after these dates.

    Please make sure your video is of a high quality and is as close to a live performance as possible. Do not use a close microphone or any audio processing. Because pianists and vocalists are required to perform from memory, frame the video so it is clear the auditioning student is not reading from music. Do not submit a video that has been created by cutting together several takes. We cannot accept audio-only audition recordings (CD, mp3, etc.).

    Send videos to the address or email below only. Do not send videos to the SUNY Potsdam Office of Admissions or Center for Graduate Studies.

    Office of Music Admissions
    The Crane School of Music
    The State University of New York at Potsdam
    44 Pierrepont Avenue
    Potsdam, NY 13676