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    Crane School of Music Spotlight Sessions

    Are you ready to take the stage and make your mark in the world of music? Join us for our virtual Crane School of Music Spotlight sessions, where the spotlight is on you!

    Make Your Own Path: At The Crane School of Music, we believe in empowering musicians to create their own unique path. Whether you're a budding performer, educator, or interested in music business, our programs are designed to nurture your passion and talent.

    Why Choose The Crane School of Music:

    • World-class faculty dedicated to your success.
    • Cutting-edge programs that adapt to the ever-evolving music industry.
    • A supportive community where creativity thrives.

    Ready to Take the Stage? Don't miss this opportunity to explore your potential and envision your future at The Crane School of Music. Reserve your spot now and let your musical journey begin!

    If you are curious about other areas of campus & would like to be connected with a faculty or staff member, please email